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Paul White paulw2u at ubuntu.com
Fri Jun 5 17:01:43 UTC 2015

On Fri, 5 Jun 2015, at 13:28, Xen wrote:

> Are you sure about all of this?
> It's just a simple website right. At this point.
> Why get an VPS provider? It makes no sense.

I'm a Kubuntu user who has contributed to Kubuntu funds and used Kubuntu
since Natty Narwhal 11.04. I would rather see Kubuntu funds used to
build a better Kubuntu than to pay for higher than necessary hosting
fees for the Kubuntu web-site.

I'm also a happy DigitalOcean customer that has long since stopped using
web hosting companies to host my ever *decreasing* needs for a web-site.
I've always found the cost of a VPS to be cheaper than a comparable
web-host and I have the bonus of more control over access and

If the Kubuntu team and the Kubuntu community can administer a VPS, I
think it's obvious that it can, then a VPS is the way to go. Obviously
the bandwith/download limits are a consideration here so a web-hosting
company might well be the best option in order to to reduce hosting
costs. Perhaps someone needs to look at bandwith figures before a
decision is made?

Just my opinion, nothing more, nothing less. :)
Paul White
PaulW2U at ubuntu.com

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