kde applications 15.08 - kf5 ports

Harald Sitter sitter at kde.org
Mon Jul 20 09:09:16 UTC 2015

any volunteers who would want to port the packaging of new kf5 apps
due for release with apps 15.08?

if so grab a repo from git.debian.org and port away. list of minimal changes:
- redo build-depends
http://build.kde.org/userContent/dependency-metadata.tar.xz helps
with figuring out deps. do not that debhelper, cmake, pkg-kde-tools
are a minimum requirement
- in debian/rules exchange the /2/ for a /3/ in the include path at the top
- check descriptions and depends in control. cleanup and remove kde4
mentioning etc.
- push changes into kubuntu_unstable branch
- tell me

new stuff that needs porting:
- kdebugsettings
- dolphin
- baloo-widgets
- kross-interpreters
- picmi
- kio-extras (this actually needs copying from plasma and have its
unstable branch in plasma deleted)

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