Krita won't start after Thurday update in Kubuntu Vivid

Javier Mr javiersdevmail at
Sat Jan 10 13:46:22 UTC 2015

after an update on Thurday krita no longer starts in vivid with proposed repositories active. The version bump was from 2.8.7 to 2.8.90 among others things the calligra-libs also got updated to the same version. The package is installed but when launching from terminal I get a command not found.
If more info is necessary please let me know.
PS1: This kind of bugs that happened in kubuntu+1 + proposed, is there a better place to report them?
PS: I know proposed aren't meant to be used, but this isn't my primary system and don't mind an unstable system; but is it any good to test proposed repos? I was told in IRC to just not use them but would that prevent earlier bug detecting?
Best regards.Javi
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