Kubuntu Council -- how can we help?

Valorie Zimmerman valorie.zimmerman at gmail.com
Mon Dec 28 06:46:59 UTC 2015

Hello folks, I know it's the holidays. Still, we need some forward
movement. It seem that it is the duty of your Council to help out.

Recently I've noticed rather often in #kubuntu people asking why the
only news on the website is Jon leaving. I've explained that he's not
leaving, merely stepping back from his positiuon as release manager,
but the questions continue. Clivejo recently point this out in
#kubuntu-devel, and said: "I do think the KCC need to take the lead :P

Continuing, "if someone shows an interest, net them quickly and get
them communicating with the people who can help develop the skills
<clivejo> people look at the website and see no activity since Jon
"stood" down.  New people just see that as a community falling apart
:( "

I agree, and we all need to take the lead. As I see it, our first
priority is to get those packaging docs in order. When new people
volunteer, we need something to point them to, when there is no
developer around to take their hand directly. And whenever they have
time, they can use the docs for review, or learn about a different
task, or even improve on what we have. I believe that a group is
coalescing to begin this work. How can the KC help?

Caydoh asked, "Is there a way to post an article announcement for the
last plasma release we had, or announcing kubuntu podcast epsisodes?
Surely there is some things we can post on the site to show something
is going on without having to explain and/or apologize for delays."

I agree. We need to get some news on the site weekly, at least. Even
just a few sentences pointing to a Dot story. Who does this now, and
how can the KC help?

Caydoh also asks "With the very short turnarounds in plasma version
releases, let alone Frameworks and Applications, how should we manage

I would love to see us start off the new year in a positive way. What
are some steps we can take to begin?



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