pam-kwallet5 adoption

Harald Sitter sitter at
Mon Aug 24 11:41:49 UTC 2015


wily is getting pam-kwallet5 enabled (alongside pam-kwallet4 as seen
previously) currently stuff is waiting a bit in proposed but
eventually the following stuff will change with the intended end
result that users get their wallet unlocked by default. this will
apply moving forward for all new users and all existing users as long

a) their main wallet is called kdewallet (can be checked via
kwalletmanager and changed through export&import)
b) the wallet's password is equal to the account password (also
changable via kwalletmanager)

Since systems are presently running kwalletd and kwalletd5 for legacy
kwallet4 apps and kwallet5 apps respectively both pams are used by
default and this is going to stay this way until kwalletd(4) is
retired from the archive as otherwise we cannot guarantee that the
user doesn't encounter a kwallet4 using application.

## changes

sddm (both in pam config):

lightdm pending (both in pam configs):

seed (recommends both):

kwallet-kf5 (additional patch to prevent bad UX from migration wizard;
upstream 5.14):

kubuntu-meta needs updating to adopt the seed change, alas, it doesn't
like me so I can't.


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