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Bart Schouten list at
Wed Apr 8 18:01:00 UTC 2015

Okay if anyone is still interested in it:

This is my example rewrite of that feature page (down below).

Personally I would include Quassel IRC on the list. I would make the 
screenshots smaller or not full screenshots but parts of windows. The 
screenshots are currently so big that they do not fit on my screen. That 
makes for really bad reading. I would suggest a screenshot for each app 
1/4 the size (1/4 the surface) and floated to the right. Text to the left 
of it and something else that might be fancy.

I would personally screenshot corners of windows. Such as the top right of 
every window, but you can vary. And I would fade the edges of these 
screenshots into white (or transparency) such that they blend.

(Not that I'm good with graphics tools)....

Such that they blend towards the text. A soft look.

As another suggested, you might then alternate, the first one has the 
image to the right, the next entry has it mirrored.

All in all a nice project to get busy again with, but I was assuming or 
expecting you'd do something better than what you have now. I cannot even 
read the feature page because the images are so big. This is just a 
regular 1280x800 laptop.

Take a break I would say. Try some of the suggestions that have been given 
by people. Then make printouts of them. Then just look and feel and 
observe. Just get together if you can and compare the various solutions. 
Then see what you like best.

Don't keep blindstaring on a current format and then waste all your time 
on that. You can waste all your time finetuning the details when you would 
have been well off with just observing what you do from a distance or with 
a different perspective first..

Just my 2 cents.

ps. it is bad that KDE Instant Messenger is not branded. All of the KDE 
apps are branded, and you need ideally a name for KDE IM as well. Even if 
you just called it "Deimo" or something, that is up the the KDE team I 
guess, but it is the weakest element on the feature page. Everything needs 
a name.


"Dolphin is the thing you can use to relocate your files"

("It is a file manager that succeeds in elegance while providing easy 
access to anything that might be hovering around your drive. All of your 
thumb drives, SD-cards, your phone, media, as well as your home directory 
are easily found to work on their contents and open your files or perform 
actions upon them. Pictures are stored, if you choose, in a Pictures 
library, and you are met with Documents, Videos, Music and your own 
Desktop as well.")


"We have an image viewer that might surprise you."

("Gwenview smoothly opens every image you might have, and provides for 
<insert feature here>. Graceful, it has its own browsing mode <insert more 
features :P>. ..and is just a bliss on the eye by itself.")


"Okular does it all, whenever you have a document."

("PDFs are quickly opened, most importantly. Form fields <insert 
features>... whatever else it does with outstanding quality. eBooks bla. 
Your eBooks are perfectly readable (insert ebook formats, epub, 


"Firefox is included by default, but there is a lot more."

("The world's renowned internet browser comes out much better on an Ubuntu 
desktop than you think. A graceful default for Kubuntu as well, 
<hopefully> Flash is supported out of the box and your sites load the way 
they always have with outstanding print capabilities. Other available 
browsers are Chromium or Google Chrome, Opera, or Konquerer.")


"The productivity suite that you never knew existed.."

("We may be able to uncover a gem for you. Kontact <bla bla bla> 
integration with ... safety .... one place to acces.... good integration 
with rest of Kubuntu.... (that sortof stuff).")

KDE Instant Messenger:

"Chat from the days of old."

("When you still have access to your old chat accounts, or you want to 
uncover some new: KDE IM has it all covered and you are left without 
recourse to find anything else or better. You can connect to all your 
networks including Facebook, Skype and Google Talk, as well as AIM, ICQ 
and Jabber and more.")

Dragon Player:

"Dragon player is a nifty new innovation."

("If only because you didn't know fiery breath would enliven your movies 
quite a bit ;-) :P.")


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