New site Feedback

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Wed Apr 8 15:38:06 UTC 2015

Looking lovely

from remove Plasma 5

On the front page the linux logo looks like one made in 1995, maybe find a newer one?

There's no news headlines on the front page?

There's no mention of the twitter feed or facebook page anywhere? could do with a content refresh, all the links are to the old wiki pages.
I'd also really like a Contribute link to be in the top bar.

I think there should be easy link from the download page to install instructions.  The install instructions we have miss out the important step of putting it onto a USB disk.  We don't have a great story with that since usb-creator isn't working and there's different ways to do it on different platforms.  Definately needs some work.

I think this should go live as soon as possible, we can't sync it exactly with release the sysadmins will be too busy, are you able to talk with Jose about it going live?

I'm very happy this is finally coming together :)


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