nvidia-prime and sddm

Alberto Milone alberto.milone at canonical.com
Wed Apr 1 09:23:42 UTC 2015

On 31-03-15 19:29:54, Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> We've switched to SDDM in Kubuntu but alas I know nothing about
> nvidia.  Alberto I think you're the dude who does know?
> nvidia-prime is the proprietary driver we need to care about for NVidia users?
> Last cycle I put in an alternate so it depended on lightdm | sddm but
> that seems to have been removed.  Is there more sddm integration
> needed?
> Jonathan

Hi Jonathan,

I maintain both the nvidia packages and nvidia-prime. What nvidia-prime
does is provide a way to use hybrid graphics (Intel+NVIDIA) in Ubuntu.

While I don't recall dropping he alternate dependency on sddm (which is
entirely possible that I did), maybe sddm doesn't really work with

If you want hybrid graphics to work (as it does in Ubuntu), you'll need
support for something like the following stanzas from lightdm:


The first line is executed after X starts, whereas the second line is
executed after stopping X (and before starting a new one).

Does sddm support that?

I should also modify the relevant upstart job in ubuntu-drivers-common
(the systemd unit already works).


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