CI + QML deps

Harald Sitter sitter at
Wed Apr 1 09:23:04 UTC 2015

quick heads up.

I plan to roll out QML dependency verification later this week across
all builds. Missing qml deps will cause the builds to get marked
unstable (possibly going to be failing at a later point).

Output will look something like this:

In the next build cycle the verifier will be run on kwin,
plasma-framework, plasma-desktop and kdeplasma-addons, once those look
good it will get used for all builds.

Before this gets rolled out across all builds I probably still have to
wire up some override tech, which is written but not used at this
time. I am not sure where one would place the override, possibly
debian/$package.qml-override. The format is final though [1], straight
forward one-import-per-line-ignore with an optional version attribute
to only ignore a specific version. It also supports posix patterns.

Sine JR asked how this works:
[11:13] <sitter> anyway, what happens is: it installs each of the debs
generated by the source, lists their content, parses all *.qml files
to extract their imports, then tries to lookup the actual module
according to the lookup rules, it purges the package and autoremoves
the deps again and moves on to the next package
[11:14] <sitter> i.e. basic principle: if installing the package does
not also install the module, the module must be missing


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