git branching

Harald Sitter apachelogger at
Thu Sep 25 16:19:56 UTC 2014


Here's the long promised branch mail on what the branch structure
should look like in git

We want branches per supported series to enable efficient and easy
SRUing. CI needs a consistent name scheme.

Two possible setups present themselves one is based on delivery
targets and the other is based on versions

# without version (respective upstream version(s) can be anything)
   -> kubuntu/unstable
      -> kubuntu/utopic/archive (5.0.0)
      -> kubuntu/utopic/backports (5.1.0)
      -> kubuntu/utopic/updates (5.0.1 to be landed in archive)
      -> kubuntu/vfoo/archive (5.1.0)

# with version
  -> kubuntu/unstable
    -> kubuntu/5.0.0/utopic
    -> kubuntu/5.0.1/utopic
    -> kubuntu/5.1.0/utopic
    -> kubuntu/5.1.0/vfoo

Personally I prefer former as latter gets confusing real quick since
you never know which branch is targetting which deployment method,
also it is what we used in bzr pretty much.

As far as CI is concerned both should be equally easy to handle.


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