Plasma 5 issues

Harald Sitter sitter at
Tue Nov 25 07:22:00 UTC 2014

On Tue, Nov 25, 2014 at 6:29 AM, Mitch Golden <mgolden at> wrote:
> I have been testing the 14.10 plasma 5 ISO, and wanted to give my feedback.
> Unlike prior betas I don't see any place to report issues. Below is my
> report. I am happy to cut this up and report the issues any place suggested.

All issues in general always ought to be filed as bug reports.
Informal mails only make them get lost and harder to parse.

> *) Running from the DVD, the screen did not properly start up.  However,
>  when I typed "startx", the X server successfully started up and I was
>  able to use the system.  There were no problems with connecting to
>  wifi, and I was able to surf with Firefox.

If I am not mistaken we did not release a DVD image, so I am confused.
At any rate this should be reported to xorg first and might then be
hurled in a more concrete direction. Without logs this can be caused
by everything and the kitchen sink.

ubuntu-bug xorg

> *) The installer went through the normal installation process, but at
>  the end it told me it was trying to re-install all my packages.  It
>  then popped up a window telling me that it would not be able to install
>  all  the old packages, but that installation would continue.  When I
>  clicked  OK, the installer crashed.  I believe I have seen this same
>  crash in  previous installs, so it probably has nothing to do with the
>  plasma 5 install in particular.

Without backtrace this is not useful information unfortunately.

> *) I found that the network manager was not remembering the passwork for
>  my home network.  However, when I went into the connection editor
>  (which is a bit hard to find, IMO), after setting the password there,
>  it was permanently stored and hasn't asked for it since.

> *) I switched to the classic launcher (my preference) and found it to be
>  slightly wonky.  For one, only the first two icons show in the left
>  column (see image).  The classic launcher is wonky in that it
>  frequently "runs away", closing up before the mouse has reached its
>  destination.  I am not sure what I am doing that causes this; it is
>  intermittent and occurs about 20% of the time.  I might also add that I
>  find the translucent menu rather difficult to read, and there appears
>  to be no setting for it.

> *) When I tried to add a trashcan to the bottom panel, I think I dropped
>  it on the task manager.  It did not display a slashed icon, it simply
>  didn't put it there.

> **) The muon-updater does not indicate when new packages need to be
>   installed.  However, the muon-updater does in fact run and seems to work.

Known transitional issue.

> **) There are no settings for the printers.  In fact, my printer (an
>   Epson Stylus Photo R200) was not recognized when it was plugged in,
>   and there is nothing in system settings to configure printers.  I have
>   been completely unable to print.

Known transitional issue.

> **) The control panel for the trackpad is not showing (I.e. this:
>   however the relevant package is installed.

Known transitional issue.

> **) Many of the window effects are missing.

> **) Not of great importance, but one of my favorites: kdeconnect doesn't
>   show up in the System Settings and can't be connected.

Known transitional issue.

Thanks again for the testing! (:


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