Ktorrent Status/Replacement

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at kitterman.com
Mon Nov 17 13:37:54 UTC 2014

Ktorrent is the current default torrent client that we provide in Kubuntu.  
Now that we've transitioned to Plasma 5, it's no longer buildable/installable 
in "Vivid".  

The upstream web site is down: http://ktorrent.org/

I looked in KDE git and there's no sign of a KF5/Plasma 5 port: 

My conclusion is that ktorrent isn't an option for Vivid, so we either need to 
stop shipping a torrent client or pick a different one.  Since torrent is one 
of the major distribution mechanisms for Kubuntu images, I think we should 
continue to recommend a torrent client in Kubuntu Desktop.

I took a look at the currently packaged alternatives and qbittorrent seems 
like the obvious choice.  It's Qt based and is actively maintained in Debian 
and upstream.

Anyone have other suggestions?

I'll probably go ahead and make this change shortly.  We can always switch to 
something else if we conclude there's a better option.  Ktorrent being seeded 
is one of the reasons the LiveFS builds are currently failing.

Scott K

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