User Documentation: 14.04, and looking ahead to Utopic Unicorn (14.10)

Valorie Zimmerman valorie.zimmerman at
Sun May 4 07:30:17 UTC 2014

First: if there are any lingering problems with our 14.04
documentation, now is the time to fix it. Our fixed docs can be put on
the 14.04.1 spin, correct? And be fixed befor the move to their
permanent place on

I suggest that when it is time to move the 14.10 docs there, that the
above URL link to both 14.04 LTS, and Current Release (14.10). That
way we can keep the LTS docs up for five years.

I wish we had a better way to get *all* our docs widely translated.
Any ideas, beyond what we're currently doing, which is marking the
wiki pages for translation? [1]

I expect we won't be doing much to change what we have on the wiki
until changes start showing up in Utopic, closer to the end of summer.

I am clueless about making the Trello cards look cool and organized.
Thank you Ovidiu-Florin for keeping up with this for the website

Anyway, TL; DR:

14.04 from the wiki to
14.10 changes to the wiki
Looking for more translations




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