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Subject: Re: iso content review #2 report
>On Thu, Mar 6, 2014 at 12:45 AM, Aleix Pol <aleixpol at> wrote:
>> Furthermore, I don't think it's that essential having a by-playlists
>> by default with the OS. There is dragon player as well right?
>Well, dragon player is no audio player and playlists for videos are
>only particularly useful for one type of video....

Maybe it's a stupid question, but why not VLC? It does everything well and
quite every user, even if coming from other OS's, already knows it.

>Anyway, IMO exchanging Amarok with JuK would not improve anything. Yes
>it would reduce ISO space consumption (amarok has a pile of icons and
>dependencies), but Amarok also has quite some critical features (e.g.
>the ability to syncing music stuff to an ipod). Iff there was a global
>workspace multimedia collection/database and a resonable GUI backing
>to address these use cases in other ways, or if JuK had this type of
>feature as well, the argument might look different.

What about Clementine? I don't know how much ISO space it takes, but I like
it better then Amarok and again it has the advantage of being available for
Windows and OSX too.
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