Plasma 5 on Kubuntu 14.10

Rohan Garg rohangarg at
Thu Jun 26 13:18:11 UTC 2014

## Description

Plasma 5 is an evolutionary release of the popular plasma desktop
workspace.  Plasma 5 runs on top of a fully hardware-accelerated
graphics stack,
using Qt 5, QML 2 and an OpenGL(-ES) scenegraph to deliver graphics
onto the users' screens. This allows the rendering to be faster, more
efficient, less power-hungry and enables a smoother user experience by
 freeing up resources of the system processor. Plasma 5 completes
the migration of the workspace to Qt Quick that has begun in earlier  releases.

Kubuntu would like to ship an ISO that provides the Plasma 5
experience while also shipping the regular KDE Software Collection
with Plasma 1 ISO,
so that users may be able to choose between a tested stable system and
a newer system still in heavy development.

## The plan

KDE Frameworks 5 (the libraries which Plasma 5 is based on ) will have
a monthly release cadence, in order to iron out bugs faster while also
new features to application developers. Unlike kde4libs in the KDE
Softare Collection that it supercedes, it will not have bugfix only

Plasma 5 will most likely have a 3 month support/release cycle, with
bug fixes every month.

With respect to KDE Frameworks 5 and Plasma 5, the Kubuntu team makes
the following commitments :

* KDE Frameworks 5 will be updated to the last release until feature
freeze, since upstream does not offer any bug fix updates for KF5

* Any future releases of KDE Frameworks 5 after feature freeze will be
delivered via the Kubuntu PPA's

* Plasma 5 will be delivered via the Kubuntu Next PPA for the utopic
cycle in order to match up with upstreams faster cadence and to
stabalize our own packages

## Why do we want a separate ISO

Since Plasma 5 has undergone a huge change architechturally, we want
to play it safe, while also providing a way for users to provide
feedback to
upstream KDE. Since Plasma 5 has no history of bug fixes, we also
prefer not to get the packages into the archive and would not request
an MRE. Providing packages
via a PPA seems the most reasonable way to go about solving this
problem.  Note that even if Plasma 5 were suitable for MRE, the
libraries it depends on, KF5
are not, so post-release maintenance of KF5 will limited to security
fixes and cherry-picking selected patches for severe issues.  This may
impact our
ability to update Plasma 5 post-release in the PPA.

Once the software matures upstream, we plan to push the packages into
Ubuntu 15.04 once the archive opens, and then eventually switch to
Plasma 5
as the default desktop environment at some point in the future.

Until such a change happens, we would still like users to try out
Plasma 5 and provide feedback, which is why we would like a separate
ISO to be made from
packages from a PPA.

Rohan Garg
For the Kubuntu Team

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