New site feedback

Harald Sitter apachelogger at
Wed Apr 16 09:37:56 UTC 2014

because it came up on IRC I just took a look... random observations
that might have been mentioned because I am lazy and did not actually
read the thread:

- the meta box looks weirdly broken WRT layout, stuck there at the
bottom, spanning some 40% of the width, aligned to the left
- the language box also seems weirdly funked as it has no text, yet it
will span 25% of the width regardless with nothing else around
(perhaps it should be turned into something other than a navigation
box - dropdown menu somewhere at the top?)
- the dots on the banner are cut off
- contribute page uses wiki markup
- the page uses #D6F1F3 as background, unless you are on the feature
tour where a bit of scrolling down will yield a background change to
#448EE2 - looks baaad, background should be consistent unless there is
an actual design reason for it changing (as it is right now it changes
- the mirror links on the download page give visual cue that they'd be
expanding entries (arrorw on the left side and a nice box around the
text), except really they are links.
- layout of the images on the download page is broken; see current
site for reference
- on the current site diversion between latest-stable and latest-lts
is done through expanding boxes, on the new site they are both mushed
together without any visual distinction what so ever
- layout of the images on various other pages is broken, just like
with download, see above

that's all peanuts mostly, what is much more interesting: at some
point when we had dicussed this last year I mentioned that we need to
run a stress test on the server and possibly look into using a CDN to
prevent the server from exploding on release days. has anyone done
anything in that area? until we have load metrics I do not feel
confident switching the live site.


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