armhf images

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Mon Sep 23 10:06:33 UTC 2013

Just as I've got my pandabox up and accessible comes the question of
do we want arm images at all....

infinity> ScottK / Riddell: If I dropped the ancient ti-omap4 kernel,
pvr-omap4, and the *-omap-revert X server/drivers from the archive,
thus effectively killing the ability to have a kubuntu-omap4 image,
would you care? 21:15

infinity> ScottK / Riddell: That whole stack is somewhere between
unsupportable and lolz, I'd much rather we just drop it
entirely. 21:15

Riddell>	   infinity: I'd care but I'd be convincable	21:24

Riddell>	   infinity: but server has omap4 too?		21:24

infinity> Riddell: omap4 for server can be done with the -generic
kernel, since it doesn't need a decent graphics driver. 21:28

infinity> Riddell: That's potentially doable for kubuntu too, if you
guys don't care about having any acceleration.  21:28

infinity>   (Entirely impossible for Ubuntu Desktop, since we rely on working GL/EGL)  21:29

infinity> Riddell: Basically, supporting the quantal kernel and a
reverted X server forever is just not a tenable solution. 21:29

Currently the images don't work because I think there's something
wrong with Ubiquity when running in the installer only mode these images use.
But I can't verify or work on this because the graphics drivers are
broken for anything that needs libwayland meaning KWin doesn't work.

The images only work on Pandaboard which isn't a useful end user
device.  I had hoped that Nexus images would give us something that
could be run on a nice end user device but the nexus images were not
supported by the rest of Ubuntu long before they switched to whatever
Ubuntu Touch uses.

So I fear we have to drop the arm images for now since we don't have
the skills on the team to get it running on any hardware.


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