homerun feedback

Eike Hein hein at kde.org
Mon Sep 9 17:12:27 UTC 2013

Hi Riddell,

> fullscreen blur by default isn't appropriate, it's quite distracting,
> doesn't match the other full screen use in plasma and can take up excessive
> resources through poor old kwin.  much better would be the greyed out
> effect used on the plasmoids-to-front-of-screen feature

Hmm, yeah - setting the window hint to trigger the Dashboard effect
might be more appropriate indeed ... nice idea. I'm not very fond of
the overuse of basic glassy blur myself.

> it should show generic names by default as specific application names such
> as "KFoobar" give no indication as to what the application may be used for.

Does Kickoff default to generic names? I think it'd make sense to
have similar defaults.

> I can't work where the favourites are cached, I used to be able to override
> them in homerunrc but now they're stored in apps/homerun/favoriteapps.xml
>  but even when I remove that file it doesn't return to the default (or pick
> up the kubuntu-default-settings override which is what I'm wanting to do).

I just had a quick look at the code reading in the favorites (which
I haven't touched yet, personally), here's what it does:

1. Attempt to read user-local homerun/favoriteapps.xml
2. If that doesn't exist, try to load favorites from homerunrc
   (using KConfig APIs, i.e. it should cascade). afterwards delete
   the group from the config, since this codepath seems to be for
    backwards compatibility -- so, please don't try to use a system
   homerunrc for favorites.
3. Finally, if 2 didn't yield any favorites, try to read any
   favoriteapps.xml in the standard dirs.

If you're still certain there's a problem with the above, please open
a ticket at http://bugs.kde.org/.

> How much is it being maintained currently?  I'd love to suggest it as
> default in Kubuntu or even upstream if these get fixed but I know it's
> quite a change for many people so I suspect it may not get accepted.

It's being maintained. My focus right now is on finishing the new
'regular-sized menu' frontend based on the same framework that Net-
runner aims to ship as default menu in the next release, and that
I'm considering proposing as a Kickoff replacement for PW2 even-
tually, provided we can eliminate the redundancy between Plasma
runners and Homerun source plugins (since I don't think it has a
shot of being accepted upstream otherwise).

I'm currently on the Task Manager rotation (I just pushed the
Plasma 2 port and am now working on new features for the Plasma 1/2
versions also requested by Netrunner, along with a few fixes here
and there) but the second half of September looks to be all Homerun
for me. I have a lot of feature work to do, but I can try to squeeze
in your requirements as you come up with them - but I'd prefer
tickets on BKO :).

> Jonathan


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