homerun feedback

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Mon Sep 9 16:40:23 UTC 2013

Morning Eike, I'm a big fan of Homerun, here's some feedback I've

fullscreen blur by default isn't appropriate, it's quite distracting,
doesn't match the other full screen use in plasma and can take up excessive
resources through poor old kwin.  much better would be the greyed out
effect used on the plasmoids-to-front-of-screen feature

it should show generic names by default as specific application names such
as "KFoobar" give no indication as to what the application may be used for.

I can't work where the favourites are cached, I used to be able to override
them in homerunrc but now they're stored in apps/homerun/favoriteapps.xml
 but even when I remove that file it doesn't return to the default (or pick
up the kubuntu-default-settings override which is what I'm wanting to do).

How much is it being maintained currently?  I'd love to suggest it as
default in Kubuntu or even upstream if these get fixed but I know it's
quite a change for many people so I suspect it may not get accepted.

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