Kubuntu installation general observations

Mark Fraser mfraz74+ubuntu at gmail.com
Mon Mar 4 16:08:06 UTC 2013

I have done 3 installs of Kubuntu over the past week (12.10 32 bit, 12.10 64 
bit and 13.04 64 bit) and I have some general observations of this post 

1) It doesn't seem possible to enable "Set date and time automatically" in the 
Date & Time control module. It fails with an error after clicking on OK or 
Apply. I have tried searching bugs.kde.org, but some say it should be fixed 

2) In System Settings > Application Appearance and Oxygen configure, why is 
"Windows' drag mode" set to Drag windows from all empty areas? Surely this is 
confusing for a new user who won't expect things to move when accidentally 
dragging on an empty area of the window.

3) Also in Application Appearance, Graphical effects is set to low display 
resolution and high CPU. Shouldn't this be set to low CPU to start with?

4) With the install of 12.10 on a netbook, I changed the workspace behaviour 
to desktop and noticed that the minimise icon was missing from all windows. I 
had to go into Workspace Appearance and set the buttons back to default.

I'm fairly happy with how 13.04 is going, but one problem I'm experiencing at 
the moment is that file indexing isn't running - everything is ticked, but it 
just says that it isn't running. Any ideas?

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