Ubiquity refresh

Aurélien Gâteau agateau at kde.org
Mon Feb 18 11:28:46 UTC 2013


I have been working a bit on Ubiquity last week, ensuring we show the name of 
the installed operating systems while partitioning. The changes are waiting 
for review [1].

I'd like to take the opportunity to work a bit more on Ubiquity. My main goal 
is to ensure all texts displayed are fully readable. Right now when you 
install Kubuntu in French (and I suspect in other languages), many sentences 
are truncated.

I started to look into it last week, turning the Ubiquity window into a more 
classic window, with less borders, and which can be resized and maximized to 
take advantage of available screen space. I would like to continue a bit on 
this and refresh its appearance, so that it is more functional but remain 
aesthetically pleasing.

Attached is a low-fi mockup of what I have in mind. This new layout makes 
better use of available space, leaving more room for the main content.

Before I get started, I have two questions:

1. Is this change something you would welcome?

2. Assuming you like the idea, what would be the deadline to get this ready 
for 13.04?


[1]: https://code.launchpad.net/~agateau/ubiquity/kde-show-os-name
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