krazy2 stuff done for libqapt changes, what else?

Michael Stemle themanchicken at
Mon Dec 16 04:14:30 UTC 2013

Hey all, when I submitted some of my previous changes I remember there were
a handful of automated tools used to find potential issues with my code.
One of those was Krazy2. I've now gone through most of my code with krazy2,
and now I'm wondering if there are other tools I need to run my code

I believe that the correct path for submitting these changes is submitting
them to the KDE Review Board, please let me know if I'm wrong. I'm trying
to clean things up as much as possible before sending it, so far that has
looked like me going over the code again and again with various tools,
reviewing my test cases, etc.

If someone has time to review my cmake changes that would be helpful. I'm
pretty weak with cmake, and while my build seems to be working, most of my
cmake changes felt like a bit too much trial-and-error.

My repository is here if you're interested in looking:

Much thanks.

~ Michael D. Stemle, Jr.
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