Àlex Fiestas afiestas at
Fri Aug 16 12:09:19 UTC 2013

On Friday 16 August 2013 12:33:24 Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> Alex asked me to review user manager today as he thinks it's ready for use
> but isn't tested on Kubuntu.  Here's some notes. I didn't find any bugs but
> I think not being able to set a password for a new user without going back
> into that user settings is a user bug 
I think i get what you mean, I want to change that as well but others on the 
list might not get what you mean.

> and I'm unsure about which groups a
> user should be in for administration mode.
that is distro wise, It will work as works on ubuntu.
> user-manager:
> the red X appears on valid e-mail addresses with long TLDs like
> foo at
oh, will fix.

> where is the e-mail address saved anyway? not in passwd
No idea, not my problem :p

> I'm still unconvinced by having two buttons clickable to add a new user
This won't be changed until next version, it is a design used in more places 
so I guess it is not horrible.

> when I make a new user I'm not prompted for a password, I can't set the
> password and so can not log in with it
This relates to your first point? If so, will fix.

> "Passwords are not equal" -> "Passwords do not match"
> "Please, choose another password" -> why?
> "Please, choose another password" -> no comma needed
> "This password can't be used, it is too common" -> get back to your private
> school posh boy :) "This password can't be used, it is too simple"
> "The password should be at least 9 characters" really? most places that
> give a requirement say 8
This setting is distro wise, I'm just reading the config (will be the same in 

> when I edit the password of my new user /etc/shadow isn't updated and I
> still can't log in, this works when I click Apply but I didn't realise I
> needed to click it for some reason
> user list on left isn't alphabetical, should it be?
Not until next version
> ticking Administrator for a user only adds them to sudo group, not cdrom,
> dip, plugdev, lpadmin, sambashare.  presumably this is managed by some dbus
> service.  not sure the consequences.
We do the same Ubuntu does, if not we have a bug. If we do the same then it 
should works.
> Ticking Automatic login for one unticks it for other user, might be worth
> telling this to user somehow?
> labels on account UI have no ":", labels on password UI have ":", check
> guidelines?
> inconsistent capitalisation "Load from file..." vs "Clear Avatar"
> "The username is already used" -> "This username is already used"
> "The email is incorrect" -"The e-mail address is incorrect"?
> "The password should contain a mixture of letters, numbers and punctuation"
> -> "The password should contain a mixture of letters, numbers and
> punctuation" how about spaces?
> should "password" be changed to "passphrase" to promote better practice?
> (might just be confusing)

About all the i18n changes, please go ahead and push patches.

>From this email I get as items for the TODO:
1-Add password fields in the "new user" form
2-Fix email validation for long TLDs

With that plus your i18n changes, will it be ready?

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