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Fri Aug 16 11:33:24 UTC 2013

Alex asked me to review user manager today as he thinks it's ready for use
but isn't tested on Kubuntu.  Here's some notes. I didn't find any bugs but
I think not being able to set a password for a new user without going back
into that user settings is a user bug and I'm unsure about which groups a
user should be in for administration mode.

type into the email address field and the red X icon appears causing all
other widgets to move location
the red X appears on valid e-mail addresses with long TLDs like
foo at
where is the e-mail address saved anyway? not in passwd
In system settings help-> About Active module is greyed out? missing about
I'm still unconvinced by having two buttons clickable to add a new user
when I make a new user I'm not prompted for a password, I can't set the
password and so can not log in with it
"Passwords are not equal" -> "Passwords do not match"
"Please, choose another password" -> why?
"Please, choose another password" -> no comma needed
"This password can't be used, it is too common" -> get back to your private
school posh boy :) "This password can't be used, it is too simple"
"The password should be at least 9 characters" really? most places that
give a requirement say 8
when I edit the password of my new user /etc/shadow isn't updated and I
still can't log in, this works when I click Apply but I didn't realise I
needed to click it for some reason
user list on left isn't alphabetical, should it be?
ticking Administrator for a user only adds them to sudo group, not cdrom,
dip, plugdev, lpadmin, sambashare.  presumably this is managed by some dbus
service.  not sure the consequences.
Ticking Automatic login for one unticks it for other user, might be worth
telling this to user somehow?
labels on account UI have no ":", labels on password UI have ":", check
inconsistent capitalisation "Load from file..." vs "Clear Avatar"
"The username is already used" -> "This username is already used"
"The email is incorrect" -"The e-mail address is incorrect"?
"The password should contain a mixture of letters, numbers and punctuation"
-> "The password should contain a mixture of letters, numbers and
punctuation" how about spaces?
should "password" be changed to "passphrase" to promote better practice?
(might just be confusing)
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