KDE Telepathy or Kopete

David Edmundson david at davidedmundson.co.uk
Sat Mar 31 04:30:12 UTC 2012

>From a developer POV I'm obviously a bit sad, but from a Kubuntu POV I
think you've made the right decision.

We're tagging 0.3.1 this Sunday, it would be good if we can get that
in the archive before release. It's purely just miscellaneous minor

Even if we're not the default client, if there's anything we can do or
you feel you need (either for this release or for 12.10) please don't
hesitate to give us a poke (ideally on our ML or B.K.O rather than

0.4[1] will definitely be out before the beta phase of precise+1,
0.5 should also be out given our current release rates but we haven't
decided what will be in that so it's hard to say.


[1] http://www.sharpley.org.uk/blog/kde-telepathy-in-0-4

Same for LightDM-KDE.

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