Thunderbird does not open attachments with KDE applications by default

Alishams Hassam alishams.hassam at
Wed Dec 26 10:22:17 UTC 2012


I recently setup Kubuntu 12.04 with Thunderbird (as that is the
person's preferred e-mail client) however it would not open various
attachments (pictures especially, jpg, png, gif, etc...) with
Gwenview. Even .txt files didn't have a default application (I set it
to use Kate). Most documents were fine being opened with Libre Office
(.doc, .docx, .xlsx), and pdf files were opened with Okular as well.
IMHO pictures should be opened with Gwenview just like these other
formats. It's not a big deal to set this up manually, that being said
it should be done by default.

Is there anyone working on this? If not, I can check out the source
and attempt to patch, though it will take me some time.

Ali Hassam

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