userconfig broken

Harald Sitter apachelogger at
Wed Dec 19 14:03:46 UTC 2012

userconfig in raring is broken because of two things:
a) it provides a KCM desktop file that uses kpythonpluginfactory to load
userconfig in a kcm shell, that factory is not compatible with python >=3.2
(I have a fix for this)
b) userconfig itself is not compatible with python3

so, we can do any of the following to resolve the situation:
a) switch to kuser (less debian geared, uglier UI, but C++ so no crap
runtime compat issues like these)
b) someone ports userconfig to python3
c) we ditch the entire KCM idea and integrate userconfig as foreign app in
systemsettings (which will start it as separate window, which is the case
anyway as userconfig is root-only) so we can force it to use python2
(should be easy to do)

it ought to be noted that unless someone ports userconfig to python3 it
will have to be dropped in the long run. alternatively if someone feels
strongly about this issue, we have some sort of c++ port of userconfig
going that was supposed to replace kuser in KDE SC, the port could be moved
along for a long-term fix.

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