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Harald Sitter apachelogger at ubuntu.com
Fri Sep 9 17:02:16 UTC 2011

As requested by JR here is the page to add ideas for UDS discussion topics:

For information on the Ubuntu Developer Summit please visit [0].

Couple of notes:
- I'd like to have a session lead assigned before the session,
preferably someone who has a good idea about the topic :P
- Should you not be in Orlando but still want to have a session on a
topic dear to you... please find a person who will be there to act as
proxy (that person should consequently be filled in on all the secrets
and what not)
- This time around we will write the TODO list (work items) on-the-fly
while producing notes ... for more info on the new process please
refer to [1]
- Building up on what I tried last UDS we are probably going to have
an intro with quick outlook on monday (listing of topics we will be
discussing), an informal daily "recap" meeting over dinner or a beer
(rehash topics and results of the day) and an outro on friday where we
will pat ourselves on the back for doing good work.

If at all possible, please let's try to avoid big meta-discussions
with many small topics (except for the reoccurring ones for Packaging
and Community of course). They usually are less focused and thus
produce less (high quality) results.

I reckon we should come up with a page with general information
regarding Kubuntu at UDS and how to prepare for it (e.g. that one should
bring a bathing suite ;)), if someone feels motivated to do that,
please go ahead :)

[0] http://summit.ubuntu.com/
[1] http://markmail.org/message/k7lgxxrqhwwbqmif


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