Flash/USB Drives Not Finishing Writes

Félim Whiteley felimwhiteley at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 13:36:51 UTC 2011

Hi Folks,

Just a quick question to see if this effects anyone other than myself. Plugging 
in a USB flash drives shows up in the "Available Devices" widget, I can open 
it, copy a couple of hundred megs to it which shows the transfer dialogue. 
When that completes I click safely remove which it attemps. Takes ages. Then 
tells me it can't as something is still using it, OR it works but when I 
reopen the device on re-attaching it the files are 0 bytes in size or havn't 
transferred. It's as if it's not waiting till the data is synced to disk. The 
only way I've got around this is to disreguard what it says and wait a few 
mins no matter what and usually it's ok. Is this a KDE/Kubuntu issue or the 
kernel reporting back incorrect info?

It's existed for many versions and I should have logged a bug etc. but I 
assumed it should be affecting everyone so would likely be fixed... so either it 
only effects me or everyone else was also waiting. 

Yes I will log/search for bugs better in future. Promise.



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