about kmail2 and UDS considerations

KP Kirchdoerfer kapeka at bering-uclibc.de
Thu Oct 13 18:01:14 UTC 2011

Hi all;

Sorry for stepping in -  I subscribed to this list only for this mail and 
to express my disappointment about the current status of Kubuntu and kmail.

I previously tried to express my concerns on the feedback page after beta1, 
but with no effect (other(s) did for later version in the cycle). There also 
have been a lot of bug reports (kubuntu and upstream) - to no avail. None 
seems to really care... at last it has been released now AS-IS.

It started with kde 4.0, where kmails gpg integration stopped to work as 
seamless as it did with kde 3.x.
This has been reported more than once on kde's bugtracker, debian, fora...
According to the latest entry in debians bugtracker, it seems to be finally 
solved with kmail 1.13.7 - a version never released in kubuntu.

The move to kmail2 has been made, despite to all warnings, bug reports 
elsewhere and  is now called a "disaster" by the one who moved it to 
kubuntu 11.10. And the day it's released officially, the one who is 
responsible installed a downstreamed version on his own machine  - kubuntu 
users left "in the dark" - with a version that does not fix previous pb's 
but even raise new issues - probably serious ones like loosing mails (see 
kde-pim list), a migration that simply does not work.

This is indeed a disaster and lack of responsibilty.

I understand Scott expressing that upstream is expected to work. 
Releasing sensible software like mail applications into the wild without a 
smooth way of migration, and by knowing about serious bugs is a no-go. And 
it's not only kubuntus fault - I had a short look into fedora and opensuse 
today, cause it was claimed that they work - which seems not to be true 
reading comments etc.. Kmail2 still seems  not to be ready for daily work.

This can't be justified by an "understaffed team", if so, just don't do it 
and users have to wait another year. 
Making the step due to lack of beta testers and to force downstream 
developers (who fall into the trap) AND users to swallow it, while knowing 
about and/or neglecting serious problems and bug reports, and release alpha 
software will simply destroy  reputation and a once nice application.

This is indeed a disaster and lack of responsibilty.

I'll give kubuntu and  kmail2 another try on a virtual machine, if that 
still fails  - I'll join those who move away from kmail to thunderbird. 
Something with a bitter taste after years, but given how developers work 
with one of my most important application and data, but better be safe than 

I don't want to blame anyone in person, it's all done in your spare time 
and I respect the work , but as it happended all in all it occurred as bad 
service to the application, the distribution and the community.

And before someone asks me to help and there, developing this and that - 
I'd say just "NO, I'm working on my own projects for more than eight years, 
to give the community something back, and I'm not responsible to fix your 
stuff, enough work to keep my own in a good shape and to show the same 
responsibilty for users, I demand from you".

Thx for listening
and yes, I'm upset

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