Touchegg not for mobile!

Harald Sitter apachelogger at
Tue May 17 12:20:43 UTC 2011


there was a bit of a misconception at UDS about what the application
touchegg is trying to achieve/provide. While we original thought it to
be a useful piece of software for touchscreens that is not true at
all. In fact touchegg only makes sense for trackpads/touchpads (i.e.
the thingy you would find on a laptop).

Consequently I'd like everyone to keep this in mind, not that we
advertise a feature that is not even a feature given the scope of
Kubuntu Mobile.

What it does is something like apple systems have [1], which I find
rather cool and awesome and stuff. So if you dare blogging about
oneiric at some point (which you should do, as the TODO lists blogging
as just about every third item or so), you might want to mention that
we plan on including touchegg which is awesome because it is awesome
etc. :)



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