Oneiric TODO

Harald Sitter apachelogger at
Tue May 17 12:14:04 UTC 2011


The oneiric todo list is now ready

Should you find anything that is missing please add it at [1].
Installer tasks are still missing; if maco or afiestas could compile
those, that would be awesome.
There are quite some tasks that are postponed from previous cycles
(either at the bottom of the page or in the regular tables with grey
background), getting those resolved would be very nice.

I am very much looking forward to this cycle as there is plenty of
interesting and awesome things on the todo and if we get the majority
of stuff done we should have an awesome, amazing and good looking
final product.
Talking about products, please note that we want to have at least 2
stable products: Kubuntu and Kubuntu Mobile (for the n900). So giving
tasks that contribute to those targets a higher priority would
probably be a good thing :)

Good luck!



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