Access to Kubuntu packaging branches on Launchpad

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Tue Mar 15 03:24:51 UTC 2011

Currently all Kubuntu Members have access to pushing changes in the Kubuntu 
packaging branches.  Core developers who are not also Kubuntu members can 
upload these packages, but not push to the branches.  I think this is a bug in 
our permissions.

I temporarily added Steve Langasek (LP id vorlon) to kubuntu-members today so 
he can keep our branches in sync with the archive while he works on GLES on 
armel for Qt/KDE and some other things.  This is a workaround.

I think we need a new team which is made up of Ubuntu core-dev and Kubuntu 
members (all kubuntu-dev are Kubuntu members) so that in addition to our 
current practice we give anyone who can upload the packages access to the 
branches as well.  

I'm open to suggestions on names.  Maybe kubuntu-bzr-pushers? No.  Maybe 

Scott K

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