Weighted Launcher Results

Tres Finocchiaro fatbuttlarry at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 02:17:07 UTC 2011

This is probably a question for the KDE devs, but does anyone know of any
future plans to "weight" the launcher results when searching?

I for one have found the new Application Launcher Menu an improvement from
the old in terms of searching, however I found some behavior that could
benefit from weighting the results.

*Example 1:  *When searching for "web", the first result is "Web Shortcuts",
instead of "Rekonq".  (perhaps "Chrome" or "Firefox" too?)

*Example 2:  *When searching for "settings" the last result is "System
Settings".  For my installation, "JDK" and "Software Management Settings"
show up before the more commonly used "System Settings".

*Example 3: * When searching for the word "system", the results in order are
"Drivers", "Dolphin", "Partition Manager" and "K3B".  These results almost
erroneously show higher than "KInfoCenter", "System Monitor" or "System
Settings" which one would expect to get.

So the question is, are there any future plans to weight the search results
so that items returned are in order of relevancy?

*Lastly*, semi-related, more of a bug-type question. This is tougher to
explain, but in this example, I have "Hydrogen" installed.  I type "fir",
backspace, type "hyd", then backspace and search for "hyd" again quickly
without letting the menu hide.  It may be a timing issue, but results are
very sporadic and often, the second time, Hydrogen won't list at all.  This
may need a full bug report, just want a sanity check from the dev group

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

- Tres.Finocchiaro at gmail.com
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