Moving our branches (again)?

Harald Sitter apachelogger at
Sun Jun 26 13:14:06 UTC 2011

More spam, hi!

So, I was just wondering about the uglyness of our branch naming. We
have stuff like


Now that is an ubuntu branch of kdeedu owned by kubuntu-packagers.
Which really is not what the branch contains at all. If anything it is
the packaging of kdeedu owned by kubuntu-packagers.

General inquiry: what do you think about moving our branches once more
into a form of:


* easier scriptable in various ways as changing stuff is at the end of the url
* easier branching (currently if you branch and forget to specify a
name or use nested branching you get a folder 'ubuntu')
* overall clearer meaning

* yet another move
* should we ever move the same branches to full-source packaging that
would again break the sanity of the urls

Quite honestly I myself do not have strong feelings either direction,
but clearer urls certainly would be nice.

Also JR still needs to implement an alias so we can do bzr branch
kubuntu:kdeedu ;)


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