Qt raster graphics system by default

Harald Sitter apachelogger at ubuntu.com
Sun Jun 26 10:52:13 UTC 2011


The raster system is as of kubuntu-default-settings 11.10ubuntu2 used
again as default graphics system for Qt. We had this already in natty
but reverted as there were some issues (with plasma-netbook, kwin and
rekonq). As Qt 4.8 will switch to raster as the one and only superior
graphics system, it seems worthwhile that we give it a shot once more.
Especially since upstream needs QA for it anyway.

Should you notice obscure rendering bugs with oneiric please report a
bug against qt4-x11 and assign it to me AND subscribe me.

Once we have landed KDE 4.7 at least the KWin side of things should be
fixed WRT raster, so there is hope for raster qualifying as default
this time around :)


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