Application specific PPA's

Oceanwatcher oceanwatcher at
Mon Jun 13 02:38:31 UTC 2011

I would like to suggest that Kubuntu adopts an application specific policy
for some of the applications.

Generally, all applications comes from the main repositories. But there are
some applications where a lot of people like to keep more up to date. And
thus comes the ppa's.

But it can easily become a nightmare if too many applications are in the
same ppa - some users want to have one app, others want to have a different
app. And if an upgrade comes at the same time as another "mass upgrade" it
can easily sneak in unnoticed. So you have to enable and disable to ppa's to
stay in control.

Enter the Firefox ppa's. You have one for stable, one for beta etc. So the
only thing I need to do to stay up to date with Firefox is to enable the
stable ppa. That means I will get Firefox whenever there is a new stable.
Not Thunderbird and not Filezilla. So I can leave this ppa enabled all the

I wish this was the case with some applications in Kubuntu. Amarok, the new
PIM are two prime candidates. I would actually also like to see KDE SC as a
separate ppa. This mostaly eliminates the need for the backports ppa, but it
makes it very clear what comes from what ppa, and you can choose to keep the
ppa's that you want enabled all the time.


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