New TODO management for Kubuntu

Harald Sitter sitter at
Sun Jun 12 21:03:42 UTC 2011


We (Kate, Chris and I) are currently implementing a new workflow for
work item management.

Previously we used one big monolithic TODO page in the wiki (greetings
from the knights who say 'timeout'), over time nice work items magic
was created in the lands of Ubuntu [1] which we are now also adopting
for the benefit of Kubuntu.

In a nutshell: Instead of one big TODO we now track work items in the
whiteboards of related launchpad blueprints. A lot faster IMHO, though
the format is something to get used to.

Additionally we are getting a nice status site [2] (still being fixed
up) it contains a nice burndown as well as a listing of all tasks
associated with kubuntu-devs (primarily, but not limited to Kubuntu
blueprints) as well as their state.

If you are sometimes roaming for unassigned tasks: simply take a look
at [2], all items assigned to kubuntu-members are technically
unassigned, consequently if you take on one of those items you should
change the assignee TO YOUR LP USERNAME (anything but LP user names
will cause a big kaboom and possibly the end of the world as we know

Markup 101:
[lpusername] some nice description: TODO
[lpusername] some nice description: INPROGRESS
[lpusername] some nice description: BLOCKED
[lpusername] some nice description: DONE

If something is assigned to two or more persons, please note that you
will need to duplicate the line right now, also an empty assignee is
invalid (the reason everything that is unassigned is actually assigned
to kubuntu-members). Hopefully someone will fix those two issues at
some point, sorta annoying IMHO.

For more information please take a look at [1] - superior nice is that
it can also add work items from bugs listed in the whiteboard, thus
enabling you to add work items in a bug that is related to a blueprint
and manage items at higher granularity if you wish to. Serious magic
that is.

As we are still moving stuff around, it would be great if you could
drop a mail or poke me if you notice something not working.


PS: For next UDS we can create work items on the spot and copy them to
the whiteboard after a session -> reducing post-UDS work \o/


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