Proposals for Natty from Ubuntu Italian User

Simone Maggiani maggsimo at
Sun Jan 23 11:38:17 UTC 2011

Thanks Rohan Garg and Alessandro for reply.

yes Alessandro, this is the problem.
1) when kubuntu team release package of minor relase on the official repo, 
kubuntu user used the nex major release from the ppa.
can you release them faster?

or is a problem?

2) kubuntu site write that whit kubuntu we can share and modify image from 
start, but it is false.

without kipi-plugins we can't make them.

this is a problem for user's expectations and user's experience.

can you find a space on the cd?
or add a install option on the ubiquity installer?
or add an install to the desktop (in example firefox installer)

Simone Maggiani
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