On Rotation

Jonathan Riddell jriddell at ubuntu.com
Wed Apr 20 15:41:27 UTC 2011

As many of you know I'm going on rotation for the next cycle to work
with the Bazaar team.  I've been doing Kubuntu for over 5 years now
and feel it's important to get a change of scene to improve my skills
in different areas.  It will also be good to take some distro packager
skills to the Bazaar team to help them with Ubuntu Distributed

This means an interesting challenge to the Kubuntu community, filling
in for me.  The good news is there's nothing I can do which can't be
done by anyone else.  Ninjas are a great team for packaging, great
coding work gets done by the likes of Jonathan Thomas or Rodrigo,
Scott K is nifty with the archive admin and keeping the release team
informed, folks like Felix and Philip are great at fixing even the
most fiddly of bugs.  CD image testing is generally nicely covered by
the wider Ubuntu testing team.

There will be a difference of hours, thanks to Canonical employing me
I can spend more time on Kubuntu than most.  So I recommend we don't
do anything too ambitious for Oneiric.  We might also want to make it
known amongst Kubuntu users that e.g. point release updates won't
always be available on the same day as upstream releases.

I'm not going anywhere, I'll still be available on IRC and e-mail.
I'll also be coming back in 6 months time, it's not permanent, I'd
miss you all too much.

But first, natty needs to be released, all hands needed for testing
and fixing!


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