Kubuntu vs. Ubuntu slideshow

Alessandro Ghersi alessandro-ghersi at kubuntu.org
Wed Sep 29 19:06:01 BST 2010

On Wednesday, September 29, 2010 07:45:51 pm Valter Mura wrote:
> Is it possible to improve it in the same way? I mean, with good screenshots
> of  the software used? I suppose it is a secondary matter, but I think The
> Ubuntu one is more effective.

True. Screenshots of Ubuntu are more effective.
But it's really late now to change screenshots I think.
We can add it on the TODO list for Natty.

> FYIO: following the Italian Guidelines of the Italian KDE Team, the
> "Italian"  strings are translated in 2nd sing. person (tu), while in the
> Ubuntu slideshow translations are in 2nd plural. p. (voi).

Well the first (tu) is right, about the second one (wrong) you should talk 
with Milo Casagrande maybe, this is not the correct place.

Alessandro Ghersi
Kubuntu Developer

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