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Sun Sep 26 21:47:49 BST 2010

Patrick -
A+, 100% Excellent ideas & thoughts.  :)

It is great that you wrote this. :)

Let us begin to make some improvements.

When you are ready, go here
log in,
& let the improving begin.  :)

Also, please pass this message along to the KUbuntu forums.  As you
mentioned, those people probably know of some excellent content to add. 

Note that currently, one must type the capitalized "Kubuntu", not
"kubuntu" in the wiki url.  

Maybe a redirect from the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/kubuntu to
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kubuntu page could be put in place.

The only tragedy so far is that the ubuntu wiki lacks 
1) unregistered/anonymous editing
 - The benefit is lower barrier to entry -> more contributions  :)
 - but this requires:
2) the wikipedia registered user moderation/control system
 - to minimize anonymous abuse.

In a good world, someday the managers of the wiki.ubuntu.com will get
that technology from the wikipedia people/system.  :)

On Sun, 26 Sep 2010 13:28:10 -0500, "Patrick Dickey"
<pdickeybeta at gmail.com> said:
> After reading some of the original threads on this subject, I thought 
> I'd weigh in (from a newbie's point of view).  I understand what all 
> sides are saying, and to an extent both sides are right in the issue.
> Personally, I'd like to see the second wiki formed (even if it's an 
> offshoot of the current wiki).  What I think it should contain is an 
> expanded FAQ about Kubuntu.  Basically, if it's in a sticky in the 
> Ubuntu forums or Kubuntu forums, and is about how to do something, or 
> what hardware/software/etc works with Kubuntu (and how to enable that), 
> then it should be in the wiki.
> As for managing and creating the wiki, you could ask the moderators in 
> the forums to help out with that (since they will know best what 
> stickies are relevant).  If it's an Ubuntu (general) item, it should 
> only go into the wiki if it's not covered in help.ubuntu.com or the 
> Ubuntu Wiki.  If it's a Kubuntu-specific item, then it should be edited 
> to be useful to newbies, and put in the wiki.
> On the Kubuntu site, you could put a link to help.ubuntu.com (or the 
> Ubuntu wiki) for "Ubuntu-general support questions" and a link to the 
> Kubuntu support wiki for "Kubuntu-specific support questions" along with 
> a link to the current wiki for "Kubuntu-development questions".
> To be honest, when I have a question or problem, the first place I go is 
> Google.  Second is the Ubuntu-wiki, and third is the Ubuntu 
> forums/Kubuntu forums/Linux Questions forums/Linux How To Forums.  From 
> there, I'll hop around the Internet until I find the answer (or give up 
> trying).  It would be nice to have one place to go for my questions.
> And for the question about whether I'm willing to help, I would be 
> willing to help in any way that I can.  If you point me to a sticky that 
> you want to add, I could help write it up and maybe get screenshots for 
> the page.  Like another commenter here, I would need some hand-holding 
> at first. I've never submitted or edited a wiki before.
> Sorry for the long-winded post. Have a great day:)
> Patrick.

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