kubuntu.org -> wiki: - wiki should be for anything, including support - Too many intermediate links, bad website design, Fix would be great. :) ; jor KU-devel

giovanni_re john_re at fastmail.us
Sun Sep 26 02:59:15 BST 2010

Thanks again Ofir, for your input. :)

On Sun, 26 Sep 2010 03:52:12 +0200, "Ofir Klinger"
<klinger.ofir at gmail.com> said:

> The wiki should be a place for more intermediate users.

Please see my follow up to my last message for this reply, which
describes in some more detail some main/top_level specifics about how I
think the KU wiki should be presented.  Thanks :)

> You are right in that the kubuntu wiki could be expended, but for what?
> Anything that has something to do with support should go to
> help.ubuntu.com(maybe open
> help.kubuntu.org?). First time guidance should go to the website. Hence,
> the
> primery content for the wiki seems to be developer's related.
> If you have a more specific idea of what can be added to the wiki,  I
> would
> love to ear it.

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