Pulseaudio on Maverick 10.10

Daniel Chen seven.steps at gmail.com
Thu Oct 14 15:13:54 BST 2010

On Thu, Oct 14, 2010 at 8:21 AM, Craig Brashear <rcbpage621 at netscape.com> wrote:
> there is a driver priority issue as well. Like many folks I have an ATI
> video card with an HDMI
> output, this gets set as the default sound device, because it loads before
> the Realtek
> portion of the hda_intel module.

Jonathan R, can you (or Colin G) comment on the patches applied
immediately prior to Maverick's release that purportedly resolved this
symptom?  I'd really like to avoid extending the already-awful
blacklist junk that we ship in alsa-base.

> Another anomaly is degradation of the sound stream after time in Amarok,
> after about
> 30min of playing, the sound started skipping and halting, (mem leak, thread
> chase?).

This is a driver bug.  Please file a bug against alsa-driver using
"ubuntu-bug alsa-base", please.

> Another issue I had with the 10.10 which is more critical than sound driver
> problems is
> the new kernel has been compiled without VM support, ie. "Parallels" is non
> loadable as
> its modules will not compile, because the headers in /lib/modules are
> lacking the required files.

Maverick's kernel seems to support many VM applications just dandy.
Do you have the build log from a failed attempt?  Please file a bug
against linux.

> I have not yet had the chance to check out if QEMU and the other native VMs
> will function.

kvm and vbox certainly work.

> It also assigned portions of the /home and /usr directory to another user,
> such as lost&found
> and trash, and some of  the other KDE files in /usr/lib and /usr/share.
> (This is a BIG!! problem). Could this be associated with the pulseaudio
> business?

This has nothing to do with PulseAudio.  It's related to bugs exposed
by the kernel, yes: it could be faulty hardware and/or broken kernel


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