Pulseaudio on Maverick 10.10

Mackenzie Morgan macoafi at gmail.com
Thu Oct 14 14:37:25 BST 2010

On Thursday, October 14, 2010 08:21:58 am Craig Brashear wrote:
>  There seems to be a bug in the permissions department, when signed in
> using kdesu or sudo it reassigned the ownership of the config files in my
> home directory and cache files in /var to root, this rendered my desktop
> unusable until I logged out and reset the ownership to myself via the
> recovery console.

Are they files you created while sudo'd? Files are owned by whomever creates 
them, including root.  And which was it, by the way?  You just described the 
exact reason that one should NEVER use sudo with graphical apps.

>  It also assigned portions of the /home and /usr directory to another user,
> such as lost&found and trash, and some of  the other KDE files in /usr/lib
> and /usr/share. (This is a BIG!! problem). 

lost+found you mean?  That's where files move when your filesystem gets 
screwed up in a semi-recoverable way.  For example, if you power off (not a 
prpoer shutdown) the machine while those files are in use, the filesyste 
becomes inconsistent.  When you boot, a fsck will run and say it found 
orphaned inodes.  That means it found remnants of files with no record of 
where they should be in the filesystem.  It stores these in lost+found for you 
to sort through and put back where they belong.

> Could this be associated with
> the pulseaudio business?

Doubt it.

Mackenzie Morgan
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