Strings not translated in Kubuntu 10.10 RC

Alessandro Ghersi alessandro-ghersi at
Sat Oct 9 17:25:23 BST 2010

In data sabato, ottobre 09, 2010 09:23:34 AM, Valter Mura ha scritto:
> Well, I see, running it through the CD live, at least the following 
> untranslated parts (generally partially translated tabs, some more, some 
> less):
> (these are under System Settings)
> - kapackagekit
It's translated here
> - kcm locale
It's translated here
> - knotify
It's translated here, except for kubuntu-notification-helper
> - component selection
It's translated here
> - bluetooth devices
Right, it's NOT translated
> - network connections
It's translated here
> - user management
It's translated here, except for some strings in Groups tab
> - printer config > options tab
Right, it's NOT translated
> - device actions in Solid Editor (in Solid, the description of the action)
Right, it's NOT translated
> More:
> - (all packages, but I suspect that, once everything
> installed,  there will hopefully the localzed version or an easy way the
> install it, _speaking from a normal user point of view_)
> Docs (inside the help system):
> - Kubuntu System Docs
Right, it's NOT translated
> - The Plasma Handbook (translated and contained in KDE stable branch)
It's translated

But I'm not running live CD, I'm running Maverick installed.

Alessandro Ghersi
Kubuntu Developer

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