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Sat Oct 9 08:23:34 BST 2010

In data sabato 9 ottobre 2010 02:02:07, Alessandro Ghersi ha scritto:

> On Saturday, October 09, 2010 12:44:13 am Valter Mura wrote:
> > I tried the Kubuntu Maverick 10.10 CD live and i found that the Italian
> > interface and guide still have problems with translations.
> > 
> > Some parts of the System Settings subdialogs are still in English and the
> > Kubuntu System Doc, also.
> Running Kubuntu in Italian the system doc is not translated, you're right,
> but which are the subdialogs that you're talking? Here they are all
> translated, it seems, except for Kubuntu notification helper and there is
> a bug open in LP:
> helper/+bug/633514

Well, I see, running it through the CD live, _at least_ the following 
untranslated parts (generally partially translated tabs, some more, some 

(these are under System Settings)

- kapackagekit
- kcm locale
- knotify
- component selection
- bluetooth devices
- network connections
- user management
- printer config > options tab
- device actions in Solid Editor (in Solid, the description of the action)

- (all packages, but I suspect that, once everything installed, 
there will hopefully the localzed version or an easy way the install it, 
_speaking from a normal user point of view_)

Docs (inside the help system):

- Kubuntu System Docs
- The Plasma Handbook (translated and contained in KDE stable branch)

> Anyway, I suggest (if it's possible) to move our translations into KDE
> repository to don't let Launchpad breaks anymore our translation.
> Get rid of Launchpad for the translations maybe can be a thing to put into
> the list of possible discussion at UDS.

This is a good idea, I agree.
I have to mention the big work made by Jonathan, setting up the Kubuntu 
Translation Wiki Page, which helped us very much.

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