colibri notifications

Alex Fiestas alex at
Wed Nov 3 10:30:52 GMT 2010

If you decide to move away from upstream (which is totally your call) remember 
that you will loss support from us, for example BlueDevil doesn't support 
notification system without actions, an user using colibri won't get 
notification such "Device XX wants a PiN", or "Authorize device YYY". Well, the 
user will get them but with no actions :p

In trunk (KDE 4.6) notifications has been again improved, until the point that 
I'm confortable with them. If you're still not, please contact with the plasma 
team and try to work together, since that is what kubuntu has been doing for 
month/years and is something we're happy with (and you too as far as I can see 
in some blog posts).

Just my 0.2c

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