amarok bug in 10.04

Harald Sitter apachelogger at
Wed May 5 18:26:52 BST 2010

Quick heads up. Only ubuntu seems affected, not Kubuntu *shurg*

For the time being we'll be waiting if a specific file causes this, and if so, 
try to get hold of it, so that debugging this becomes more of a non-guessing 

[19:07:14] <jefferai> apachelogger: hey Kubuntu dude
[19:07:24] <jefferai> you *buntu folks seem to have screwed something up
[19:07:44] <jefferai> lots of bug reports coming in from *buntu 10.04 users 
against Amarok, and only from *buntu 10.04 users, and all with the same 
[19:08:27] <apachelogger> jefferai: the problem being?
[19:08:51] <jefferai> it's in the collection scanner
[19:08:54] <jefferai> sec
[19:09:20] <jefferai>
[19:09:32] <jefferai> and
[19:09:33] <jefferai>
[19:12:49] <apachelogger> jefferai: could it be that the exception comes from 
[19:12:58] <jefferai> possibly
[19:13:07] <apachelogger> although
[19:13:07] <jefferai> although I don't know of taglib throwing any exceptions 
[19:13:14] <apachelogger> yeah
[19:13:25] <apachelogger> also we only updated taglib a week or 2 before 
[19:13:30] <sandsmark> I thought taglib was qtish and didn't use exceptions?
[19:13:36] -*- apachelogger thought that maybe that caused it ^^
[19:14:01] <jefferai> yeah, I don't think taglib uses exceptions
[19:14:08] <apachelogger> anyhow
[19:14:12] -*- jefferai notes that not using exceptions isn't really qtish so 
much as not-Javaish
[19:14:12] <sandsmark> from that bug it looks like it is glibc that's throwing 
[19:14:22] <sandsmark> because you're trying to allocate too much memory
[19:14:26] <sandsmark> or to an invalid address, it seems
[19:14:29] <apachelogger> what is most interesting is that I do not encounter 
that issue even though I regularly blow up my database and need to do a rescan
[19:14:48] <jefferai> apachelogger: I've never had that issue...only buntu 
10.04 users are having it
[19:15:00] <jefferai> I did ask them to try narrowing it down to specific 
file(s) causing it
[19:15:03] <sandsmark> does ubuntu turn on some funky stuff for glibc?
[19:15:13] <sandsmark> terminate called after throwing an instance of 
[19:15:14] <sandsmark>   what():  std::bad_alloc
[19:18:48] <sandsmark> so I think the collection scanner is trying to allocate 
too much memory
[19:19:01] <jefferai> that's not likely
[19:19:08] <jefferai> it's more likely that either taglib or qt is
[19:19:13] <sandsmark> well, maybe
[19:19:29] <jefferai> regardless, I really need a file that is trigger this...
[19:19:33] <jefferai> *triggering

Harald Sitter
Kubuntu Core Developer
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