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Sat Mar 6 17:51:28 GMT 2010

Hi Julian,

On Sat, Mar 6, 2010 at 8:51 AM, Julian Borrero <julborre at> wrote:
> Hi
> While reading some article in slashdot i've found you guys has launched the
> Timelord Project, i was intrigue and checked out the information you made
> available(, there you said some "Bug
> triage" help is needed, to be sincere, i don't know what bug triage is, but
> if you explain me this and if i can do this task i'll give it a try to help
> you, also for a brief moment i was in the kde translation team(spanish), so
> if you need some help with translation i'll try to be helpful.

Glad to hear you want to help, we can certainly use it.
You can start looking at ways to help here:
I don't know much about translations, so I'll talk about triaging.

Basically, what we need with triaging is
all the help we can get with sorting through the thousands of bug
reports filed on Launchpad.  As part of Project Timelord, we've
adopted a new policy[1] to reduce this load, but this is not ideal.
More specifically, we need to narrow down and prioritize any bugs
introduced by Kubuntu packaging as well as any critical upstream KDE
bugs that may make the Kubuntu distribution not fit to release.  Any
other KDE bug reports in Launchpad need to be forwarded upstream so
the platform/application developers can fix them.

So your job as a triager is:
a) Confirm the existence/validity of the bug to your best ability.
b) Prioritize the bug.  This can be the most difficult part because
every issue on its own seems important.
c) Make sure all the information that can be gathered that might help
a developer fix the bug is attached to the report.
d) Send it to the right people.  This usually means assigning it to
the correct package in Launchpad and/or linking to an upstream report
(filing one if necessary).

You can learn all about triaging at
The information there is general to Ubuntu, but applies to Kubuntu.
Feel free to get on IRC and ask us or the Bug Squad any questions.

> Now that i let you know my interest in be helpful to the project i'll share
> some background info about me: i have a bachelor's degree in computer
> science, i used Ubuntu/Kubuntu regularly but some PulseAudio issues drove me
> away and now i use a dual boot setup in my laptop: windows vista/OpenSuse
> 11.2(hope this don't be a cause to avoid my help ;)), and finally as you can
> see english is not my native language, it is spanish, but i try my best to
> make my statements clear and somewhat readable.

Since you were a computer science student, I assume you would also be
interested in development.  Development for a distribution is really
two things: packaging and coding.
There's a constant flow of packaging to do, but there's also some
coding work.  Kubuntu uses a few custom utilities, some in Python and
some in C++, that all need some work.  In addition there is the myriad
of software projects that comprise Kubuntu, most notably (on this list
;) ) of course the KDE Software Compilation.  Since you've done
translations I assume you're already somewhat familiar with it, but
just in case, you can learn about KDE development here:

> Regards.
> --
> Julian Andres Borrero  Garzon

Hope to hear about all your good work soon ;)

~ Yuriy


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